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The high quality fabrics we use for our awnings, blinds and screens ensure a perfect finish along with a long lasting style. With a variety of colour and material choices to select from, you can tailor your awnings and blind to match you and your home perfectly.

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soltis screen and blind fabric

soltis fabric blind fabric technology diagram

// Soltis 86 mesh

Perfect for Channel It screens, Soltis textiles simultaneously offer efficient thermal protection and more natural light, while maintaining an exceptional level of transparency and outwards visibility.

A 14% open weave fabric, Soltis 86 is an ideal solar protection solution for south facing blinds, awnings or façades where greater outward visibility is desired.

Manufactured using Serge Ferrari patented Précontraint® technology the textile exhibits superior strength and stability. Soltis 86 maintains its shape and performance in demanding shade applications, whilst a smooth even surface and protective top coating resist dirt and pollution, simplifying maintenance.


// Soltis 96 mesh

Soltis 96 provides unmatched thermal and visual performance, controlling the heat gain impacts of solar radiation, whilst providing glare free outward visibility and enhancing occupant comfort levels.

Manufactured using Ferrari’s exclusive patented Précontraint process guarantees dimensional stability, ensuring the textile shape is kept both during installation and in use.  Soltis 96 textiles reject up to 95% of  solar energy, lowering energy consumption requirements of air-conditioning or HVAC systems. This makes the textile ideal for use in Eco or Green focussed building projects.

Ideal for blinds, screens and awnings in both private and commercial applications, Soltis 96 has been co-ordinated with the broad Soltis collection, integrating harmoniously in all environments.

soltis fabric 96 mesh used on colorful blinds


The leader in quality and innovation, decade after decade. For over 50 years, Sunbrella has been the leader in performance fabrics.

And there’s good reason people look to Sunbrella first for their fabric needs. No one else brings so much under one revolutionary, stylish brand. No other resource is more committed to leading the performance fabric industry with innovations that fit today’s lifestyles.


Enduring Colour

Sunbrella colours stay strong and vibrant, even through intense sunlight exposure and cleaning with bleach.

Sumptuous Hand

Sunbrella fabrics are as soft and inviting as they are durable.

Dramatic Effects

Sunbrella awning fabrics are available in 78 solids, stripes and exquisite decorative jacquards.

Worry Free

Sunbrella fabrics resist stains and fading, so you can stop worrying about your fabric and enjoy life.




awning over deckchair with fabric colour swatches

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